IPL (Intense pulse light)

How it works

Or-Light encompasses and masters the Intense Pulsed Light technology, a painless technique easy to use for practitioners providing long lasting hair-removal. The heat generated by a light radiation combined with the radiation itself, emitted on a particular wave length, permanently disables the hair root. The melanin, naturally present in the skin and hair, channels the energy down to the hair follicle, cauterizing adjacent nutrient vessels and causing it to stop functioning. The Or-Light can also provide highly effective skin repair and photolifting treatments using light therapy achieving spectacular results.

What areas of the skin can be treated?

Any areas of the face and body can be treated with pulsed light. The darker the hair the richer in melanin, the better the result.

Does it hurt?

For most people there is virtually no pain. The feeling of the treatment is extremely variable from one person to another, it depends on the concentration of the melanin in the skin and the size and density of the hair.

What are the visible results?

Hair removal

In most case there are no visible effects. Redness could appear on the skin indicating successful treatment. The hair detaches from the sheath and falls out over the next 10 – 18 days. A light exfoliation can speed up the rate at which the hair falls out.

Skin rejuvenation

Thanks to the action of Or-Light, and its active stimulation of the fibroblasts, the skin is revitalized and rejuvenated. Collagen production is vividly reactivated causing the skin to be visibly firmed and toned. After the very first session skin will look firmer, complexion more radiant and texture smoother. With each further treatment, the skin will feel clearer, more supple and will feel a lot softer.